Devotion in the lotus feet of Guru Gobind Singh

Guru gobind Singhji

Read the story below to know the glory of devotion and ultimate Faith

Bela, a disciple of Guru Gobind Singhji, requested, “Guruji! Give me a chance to serve you.”

Gobind Singhji said,” Are you educated?”

“No Guruji!, I am illiterate.”

“Do you know archery?”

“No, Guruji! I don’t .”

“Well, what do you know?”

“Guruji!, I am a farmer; I can look after horses.”

Gobind Singhji assigned him the duty of looking after horses in the stable and said,” I will give you one line of ‘Japuji Sahib’ every day to memorize. Keep repeating it.”

Bela started serving diligently. Gobind Singhji told him one line every day and he kept repeating it the whole day with utmost devotion.

Gobind Singhji was riding the horse, on his way to the battlefield. Bela arrived and said,” Guruji! Tell me a line for today.”

Gobind Singhji said in a humorous tone,” Oh Bhai Bela, you do not recognize the proper time nor an appropriate moment. Don’t you know where I am going? And Guruji left.

Bela took these lines of Gobind Singhji as the line of the day that his guruji gives him daily and devotedly repeated it throughout the day. 

Gobind Singhji was more affectionate towards Bela because of his dedication to selfless service, due to this some disciples were jealous of him. They started to ridicule him,” Gobind Singhji made fun of you, you are a fool, Guruji had made a mockery of you and you took those lines as Guru’s words and repeated them like a parrot!”. All the disciples began mocking Bela, but he was not bothered at all. He continued reciting those lines.

When Gobind Singhji returned in the evening, Bela recited that line to him, Guruji was extremely pleased to see his strong belief in the Guru’s words and embraced him.

The virtuous disciples were very pleased by this incident, but the hypocritical and jealous disciples   started complaining: Guruji is biased..” They complained that Gobind Singhji showered his love and affection more on Bela, who recently came here and paid no heed to us though we have been serving here for so long.

Guru explaining about devotion to their disciples

Guru Gobind Singhji read the minds of disciples. He decided to teach them a lesson. One day he called upon those jealous disciples and said,” You all prepare a Bhang(a narcotic made from hemp leaves). Some of you rinse your mouth with it, while others drink a little amount of it.”

Guru Gobind Singhji asked those who had rinsed their mouths with it,
“ Do you feel intoxicated with bhang?”

“Guruji! What are you talking about? How could we feel intoxicated when none of us has swallowed it?”

While others who drank the bhang felt intoxicated.

Then guru Gobind Singhji said to everyone “ This is the answer to all your questions, why Bela is favored by me. Just as rinsing the mouth with bhang does not intoxicate a person; drinking the same does! Those disciples who hear Guruji’s word through one ear and expel them from another, do not practice those preachings in their lives and do not get involved with the divine name, even if they have lived in proximity of Guru for thousands of years. And the one who has faith in the words of the Guru gets everything by the divine name. You guys know very well how Bela’s faith and Devotion in the lotus feet of Guru Gobind Singh

The disciples realized their mistakes and came to know the glory of faith in the Guru’s words!!

What is meditation? Let’s understand through this story

How to meditate?

Read the story below and understand what actually meditation is!

A woman asked a mahatma,” How does one meditate?”

Mahatma said,” I will tell you later how to meditate; but first, put this earthen lamp in that room”.

The wind was blowing. The woman lifted the lamp and, covering it with the end of her sari, walked slowly towards the room, where she kept the lamp, and returned.

The mahatma asked,” Did you think of anything while you were carrying the lamp?’

The woman said,” Absolutely nothing, I had only one concern: that the lamp didn’t blow out due to the wind”. The mahatma said That’s it: this is what is called meditation. Fix your mind on one thing.”

If your mind has resolved something like, ‘ I have yet to earn this, enjoy this, do this, renounce this, etc.’ how can one do meditation? Only when the mind is tranquil, you can meditate. One cannot do meditation harboring attachment or aversion in the mind; only a serene-minded person can do meditation.

Your mind has attachment and aversion, and that’s what makes you restless. The root cause of all misery is nothing but attachment and aversion. Neither the god nor the relatives/opponents distress you. verily it’s the attachment and aversion in your internal organ alone that are the root cause of your misery.

Wherever you go, your mind will follow you. Hence attachment and aversion must be removed.

You cannot undo what has already happened, you cannot stop what is happening currently, and you have no control over what is about to happen. So be calm wherever you are; be serene-minded.