How to do meditation at home?

Once a beggar had been sitting by the side of a street for over fourty years. One day a businessman walked by. The beggar mumbled, holding out his old base cap, “Give me some change.” The businessman replied “I have nothing to give you.” He continued, “What’s that you are sitting on?” Beggar replied, “Nothing, just an old box, I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.” To this businessman asked, “Have you ever looked inside the box?” The beggar said, “No, what’s the point? There’s nothing inside it.” But, the business insisted to have a look. The beggar managed to open the box. Beggar was astonished, as the box was filled with gold.

After, reading the above story you might have understood that real happiness, and joy come from inside and not from this material world.

Let’s now understand, What is the simple way to meditate or How to do meditation at home?

The mind is very wild, slowly and gradually we have to train ourselves. It is no joke – not a question of a day, or months, or maybe of years… Inch by inch we will gain ground. We will begin to feel and get real happiness, which no one can take away from us- the wealth that no man can take, the wealth that nobody can destroy… 

There are numerous ways to work with the mind. One of the most effective ways is through meditation.

Let’s begin our journey of meditation by understanding the nature of the mind.

There are very few things you need to remember in order to begin a meditation practice. In fact, all you need is you 🙂 Sometimes, people think they need to sign up for a retreat or buy tons of meditation room supplies, or join a class. But you can begin anywhere, in any room, at any time of day. You simply begin. You start from where you are. You might feel that you are the most stressed person on the Earth; you might be hopelessly in love; you might have to look after children and have a full-time job; you might be going through depression. Wherever you are, you can begin there. You don’t need to change a thing in order to start a meditation practice.

Environment for Meditation

So first and foremost, choose a schedule that is realistic for you – and keep it.

Those of you who can afford it will do better to have a room for this practice alone. Do not sleep in that room, it must be kept holy. You must not enter the room until you have bathed, and are perfectly clean in body and mind. Only allow those persons to enter it who are of the same thought as you. Then gradually there will be an atmosphere of holiness in the room, so that when you are miserable, sorrowful, doubtful, or your mind is disturbed, the very fact of entering that room will make you calm.. The idea is that by keeping holy vibrations there the place becomes and remains illumined. Those who cannot afford to have a room set apart can practice anywhere they like but should keep their place fixed.

Time For Meditation

When you decide to become a regular practitioner of meditation, it’s wise to fix the time. So first and foremost, choose a time that is realistic for you- and then keep it. Perhaps, best times are in the early morning and in the evening. When night passes into day, and day into night, a state of relative calmness ensues. The early morning and the early evening are the two periods of calmness. Your body will have a tendency to become calm at those times. We should take advantage of that natural condition and begin to practice. Decide when you are going to get into a regular habit of meditation and commit.

How to meditate

Next, How long one should practice or how long one should sit for will be continued in next blog… 🙂

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