Shree Krishna Janmashtami 2023

Happy Janmashtami – Nand ghar anand bhayo jay kahaniya laal ki…

When is Janmashtami?

Janmashtami 2023 is on 6th & 7th September. This year, Ashtami tithi will begin on the 6th at noon and will end on the 7th. That’s why it is being celebrated on both days. Ashtami tithi on 6th Sept will begin at 15:37 pm and will end at 16:14 pm on 7th Sept. Rohini nakshatra will begin at 9:20 am on 6th Sept and ends at 10:25 am on 7th Sept

Shree Krishna Janambhoomi, Mathura celebrates Shree Krishna Janmashtami on 7th September, 2023. Janmashtami fasting will be observed on 7th Sept.

Shree Krishna Janmashtami is the day when Bhagavan Shree Krishna was born. Shree Krishna was born at 12:00 midnight. The birth of Shree Krishna conveys the message of rekindling extinguished lamps and gives its light to dispirited hearts. A vital fact that shines brilliantly in his life is the act of giving light to dispirited hearts.

Bhagwan Shree Krishna’s life gives the message to lead a joyful life, sharing and radiating bliss amidst the obstacles and hurdles. The life of Shree Krishna was replete with so many hurdles and obstacles that compared to it, our obstacles and hurdles are nothing. His would-be parents, Vasudev and Devaki, were sent to jail. After being born in jail, he was taken to another’s home. Such a terrible life! From time to time Putana, Bakasura, and Aghasura came to kill Shree Krishna. He faced thousands of obstacles and hurdles, but he never worried about them. He played the flute blissfully at all times.

Janmashtami Vrata-The vow equal to 200 million Ekadashi Vratas

One must observe the Shree Krishna Janmashtami vrata. One observing the fast of Janmashtami attains religious merit equal to observing fasts on two hundred million Ekadashi Vrata and becomes free from disease and grief. Those who eat food on Janmashtami incur the sin of killing 100 Brahmins, and the religious merit earned by them in crores of lives is destroyed. Those who do not observe the fast on Janmashtami are born into the species of snakes and other wild animals in their next lives and wander in forests. Those who observe this fast have wealth, food grains, sons, grandsons, happiness, and peace in their homes, and they attain salvation if they get to hear satsanaga and are in the proximity of Self-realized men.

व्रतेन दीक्षामाप्नोति.. By the observance of the Vrata, the person develops intelligence. Intelligence leads to steadfastness. Steadfastness develops unwavering faith in himself, God, and the Shastras. Faith develops the power of Satya Sankalp, which when aided by strong faith, enables one to attain God.

We should also develop such wisdom…

Shree Krishna was enlightened by the fact that “I”, the seer of any worldly situation that comes, is eternal. We should also develop such wisdom. ‘This (situation) came… that came, this happened… that happened’, these all come into being and perish. It does not cause any harm to the imperishable Consciousness Personified ‘I’. Shree Krishna, the master of such wisdom, always plays his flute, always gives joy, delves within the joy of Divine love, and keeps spreading this joy and divine love to others. So, the festival of Janmashtami is a beautiful arrangement to make our birth and action divine by remembering the Lilas of Shree Krishna’s life.

We can do this…

Arjuna’s sorrow could not be destroyed, even when the Lord appeared in a form, but when he attained the realization of the Tattva(true nature) of the Lord, Arjuna’s sorrow could not stay. Society is distressed by kansa, kala(death), and ignorance. So, Shree Krishna’s incarnation is necessary in society. Shree Krishna’s incarnation is possible and necessary in every heart.  Shree Krishna’s father ‘Vasudev’ stands for pure antahkaran i.e. mind free from ego, negativity, and all other vices whereas  ‘Devki’ who gave birth to Shree Krishna stands for the equanimous intellect, and ‘Yashoda’ (Shree Krishna’s mother who nurtured him since birth) stands for the intellect which gives glory in every situation. The lord is repeatedly embraced by Yashoda. Likewise, you embrace divine consciousness in your heart by remembering the lord. You do not need to embrace him physically, but remember him and let your heart assume the form of the lord. Let’s glorify each and every situation that comes into our lives and stay connected to the lord.

Shree Krishna didn’t hesitate to do any task to preserve Sanatan Dharma!

If a great warrior runs away from the battlefield, he is regarded as a coward, but one who flees from the battlefield pretending to be a coward, merely for the protection of culture and the safety of thousands, is venerated and worshipped with the utmost devotion and cheerfulness- ‘Ranachhodarai ki Jai’ meaning ‘victory to the one who fled from the battlefield’. What an amazing incarnation! Shree Krishna does not hesitate to hide the footwear of Draupadi, under his pitambra(yellow cloth). Shree Krishna does not consider any task as menial. He drives Arjuna’s chariot, massages of horses, and applies ointment – bandages to the wounds of horses without any hesitation. O dear, verily in this, lies the lordliness of the Lord, this verily shows his greatness.

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