What are the struggles that one faces in Meditation?

Meditation is a powerful practice in which one experiences the inner joy and peace. However, many times meditator stucks by an obstacles which creates a hindrance in their path of this spiritual journey. 

You have read about the foremost hindrance, which holds on during meditation, we’ll dive deep into the next barrier i.e., Laziness, its causes, and effective strategies to overcome it.

Causes of Laziness while meditating:

Lack of clear motive: One of the primary concern of laziness during meditation is lack of clarity that why you are meditating? If you want to know the reason behind meditation, read Why do we need meditation? You will understand in detail what’s the need of meditation…

Without knowing the clear motive of meditation, it becomes difficult to sit and meditate. As one of your friend practices meditation daily, you also start it, then it will become a tedious task for you as you don’t have a clear vision about it  and you will find yourself feeling lazy and uninterested.

Example: Let us consider the case of Divya, who initiates her meditation practice due to the influence of her friends.But, she lacks a clear understanding of why she wishes to meditate, which results in laziness during her sessions.

Resistance to Uncomfortable Feelings: Meditation often entails confronting one’s thoughts, emotions, and sensations, which can be uncomfortable or arduous. Laziness can arise as a defense mechanism to evade these discomforts.  

Example: Rahul experiences anxiety during his meditation sessions when he confronts unresolved issues from his past. In order to avoid this discomfort, he frequently postpones his meditation practice.

Unrealistically high expectations might cause irritation and lethargy in your meditation practice. You can feel discouraged and unmotivated if you expect to instantly attain enlightenment or have deep experiences each time you meditate.

External Distractions: During meditation, lethargy can be exacerbated by outside influences like noise, clutter, or a lack of seclusion. These annoyances make it harder to concentrate and provide a justification for delaying or skipping meditation.

Inconsistent Routine: It’s important to keep a regular meditation routine. Laziness might result from inconsistent practice since your body and mind are unable to develop a routine.

Techniques for Combating Laziness During Meditation

Clearly state your intentions before beginning to meditate. Are you looking for spiritual development, emotional harmony, or stress relief? Having a purpose in mind can help you stay motivated and battle lethargy.

Example: Deepika considers her objectives and decides she needs to meditate to increase her attention and minimize stress. She is inspired to routinely meditate by her newfound insight.

Accept Pain: Recognize that pain is a normal element of the meditative experience. Learn to accept and observe your ideas and feelings without passing judgment on them as opposed to fighting them.

As an example, Dev acknowledges his nervousness while meditating and works on just observing it. This method gradually lessens his tolerance to unpleasant emotions.

Manage Expectations: For your meditation practice, be sure your expectations are reasonable. Recognize that it is a process that unfolds gradually, and not every session will be significant or revolutionary.

Jaya, for instance, modifies her expectations and is reminded that meditation is a journey rather than a goal. She improves her practice’s patience and tenacity.

Create a Calm Environment: Find a peaceful, clutter-free area to meditate in order to block out outside distractions. Use noise-canceling headphones or designate a space in your home for meditation.

Example: To lessen outside distractions and increase his attention, Mayank buys noise-canceling headphones and sets up a peaceful meditation area in his house.


What are the struggles that one faces in Meditation?

Laziness in meditation is a frequent problem that can hold on your progress toward intellectual and spiritual development. You may overcome this by comprehending the reasons why people become lazy and use practical techniques, such as forming a routine, embracing discomfort, controlling expectations, and making clear aims.

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